Allergy Prevention and Exacerbation

Allergy Prevention and Exacerbation

The Paradox of Microbial Impact on the Immune System

Schmidt-Weber, Carsten B.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1: Overview:The paradox of microbial impact on the immune system in allergy prevention and exacerbation.- Chapter 2: Microbial triggers in Autoimmunity, severe Aller-gy, and Autoallergy.- Chapter 3: Bacterial allergens.- Chapter 4: Good and bad farming: the right microbiome protects from allergy.- Chapter 5: The lost friend: H. pylori.- Chapter 6: Parasite mediated protection against allergy.- Chapter 7: Initiation, persistence and exacerbation of food allergy.- Chapter 8: The role of the gut in type 2 immunity.- Chapter 9: Aryl hydrocarbon receptor: an environmental sensor in control of allergy outcomes.- Chapter 10: The gut microbiome and its marriage to the im-mune system: can we change it all?.- Chapter 11: Specific therapies for asthma endotypes: a new twist in drug development.
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epidemiology of allergy;hygiene hypothesis;allergen tolerance;genetic predisposition;immunologic memory;asthma exacerbation;skin superinfection;infectious diseases