Brain Function and Responsiveness in Disorders of Consciousness

Brain Function and Responsiveness in Disorders of Consciousness

Sannita, Walter G.; Monti, Martin M.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Responsiveness in Doc: A Quest for Consciousness?.- Advances in the Scientific Investigation of Consciousness.- Behavioral Responsiveness in Patients with Doc.- Clinical Evaluation of Residual Brain Function and Responsiveness in Disorders of Consciousness.- Measuring Consciousness through Imaging.- Decoding Thoughts in Disorders of Consciousness.- Brain Responsiveness after Severe Brain Injury: Revolutions and Controversies.- Exploring the Neurophysiological Correlates of Loss and Recovery Of Consciousness: Perturbational Complexity.- Brain Electrophysiology in Disorders of Consciousness: Diagnostic and Prognostic Utility.- The Persistent Vegetative State: Evidence That the Lower Brain Survives Because its Neurons Intrinsically Resist Ischemia.- Responsiveness and the Autonomic Control - CNS Two-Way Interaction in Disorders of Consciousness.- The Medical Practice Impact of Functional Neuroimaging Studies in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness.- Vegetative State Two Decades After The Multi-Society Task Force (MSTF) Report.- Moving Beyond End-Of-Life: The Ethics of Disorders of Consciousness in an Age of Discovery and Uncertainty.
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Brain injury;Neuroimaging;Neurorehabilitation;Pain responsiveness;Perfusion;Vegetative state