Canadell's Pediatric Bone Sarcomas

Canadell's Pediatric Bone Sarcomas

Epiphysiolysis before Excision

San-Julian, Mikel

Springer International Publishing AG






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History of surgery for limb bone tumors.- Non-Surgical Treatment Of Pediatric Bone Sarcomas.- Molecular Biology of Pediatric Bone Sarcomas.- Limb Salvage in Skeletally Immature Patients with Extremity Sarcoma.- Location of Sarcomas Within Bone: The Growth Plate.- A Histological Study of the Barrier Effect of the Physis Against Metaphyseal Osteosarcoma.- Growth Plate Involvement in Malignant Bone Tumours: Relationship Between Imaging Methods and Histological Findings.- Consequences of Delayed Diagnosis.- Imaging-Based Indications for Resection with Epiphyseal Preservation.- Conservation of the Epiphysis While Removing Metaphyseal Bone Tumors: Epiphysiolysis Before Excision.- Complications of the technique and solutions.- Clinical Results.- Other Techniques for Epiphyseal Preservation.- Worldwide Experience with the Canadell Technique.- Questions and Answers.
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bone sarcoma;limb salvage;bone;growth;Epiphyseal Preservation;imaging techniques;imaging;molecular biology;joint;osteotomy;malignant bone tumors