Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy

Miller, Freeman; O'Neil, Margaret E.; Bachrach, Steven; Lennon, Nancy

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The Child, The Parent and the Goal.- Prematurity.- Congenital malformation.- Infections.- Congenital Metabolic.- In utero Stroke.- Problem during delivery.- Post natal encephalopathy.- Over-view of the past 50 Years.- American experience.- European Experience.- Asian experience.- African experience.- Physical pathology.- Current Imaging -PET.- Muscle changes at the cellular level.- Gross Anatomic Muscle changes in CP.- Neuro-motor junction changes.- Bone Alterations in CP.- Over view of when and how to evaluate.- Who should get Imaging.- Indications for metabolic work up.- Indications for full genetic work up.- Prognosis assessment - role of PE -Pathologic Reflexes.- Classification Terminology.- Over view of Normal Natural history.- The Irritable Child with CP.- Pain in The Non-communicative Patient.- Post-operative Pain Management.- Seizures - Diagnosis, Natural History.- Seizures - Medical Management.- Seizures - Ketogenic Diet - Indication and Description.- Seizures - Role of VNS.- Seizures - Role of Surgical Removal.- Seizure Surgery - Workup and technique Description.- Pseudo-seizures - Diagnosis and Treatment.- Hydrocephalus Diagnosis and treatment indications.- Shunting for Hydrocephalus.- Surgical Ventriculostomy for Hydrocephalus.- Attention Deficient associated with CP.- Autism and CP as Comorbidities.- Family Stress Secondary to Disability.- Impact on Siblings.- Depression associated with CP.- Mood disorders (Bipolar and CP) .- Thought disorder and CP.- Overview and natural of feeding issues with growth and development.- Aspiration - risks, work up, when is it a problem.- Gastrostomy feeding - when indicated.- Tracheostomy or diversion - When indicated and how done.- Weight and growth in the child with CP.- Feeding Therapy - Indications how long.- GE reflux - Work up and medical Management.- GE Reflux - Work up and Surgical Management.- Poor Intestinal Motility.- Constipation - Implications long term and treatment.- Toilet training and bladder control.- Neurogenic Bladder.- Renal stones - risks, prevention and management.- Undescended Testicles.- Drooling - diagnosis, measurement and medical management.- Drooling - management with local injections - Botulinum.- Drooling - Surgical treatment options and outcomes.- Hearing Evaluation - When and How.- Cochlear Implant Indication and role in CP.- Upper Airway Obstruction - Indication for adenoid and tonsillectomy.- Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia - Natural History, etiology and outcome.- Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia - Medical management.- Reactive airways - Chronic aspiration.- Airway obstruction - Work up and medical management.- Airway obstruction - Indication and options for surgical management.- Pitutary-hypohoseal dysfunction.- Adrenal insufficency.- Short Stature - Work up and treatment indications.- Pillow angel treatment - indication ethics approach.- Glucose intolerance due to intramuscular fat.- Premature or Delayed Sexual Maturation.- Testing Sight - how when and the outcome.- Strabismus.- Cortical blindness.- Routine hygiene, When and how for child with CP.- Dental Caries - When to treat, how often to check outcome.- Gum Hypertrophy - etiology, and management and outcome.- Malignments - when to treat and expected outcome.- Bruxism - Management and long term outcome.- Lip biting - Management and long term outcome.- Neurologic Control of the Muscluosketal System.- Muscle tone - Spasticity - Assessment.- Movement disorders - Description and assessment.- Medical Management of Spasticity.- Medical Management of Movement disorders.- Local treatment - Botulinum, Phenol, Neurectomy.- Inthrathecal Baclofen Therapy.-

Dorsal Rhizotomy.- Deep Brain Stimulation.- Ataxia - Disorder of Balance, Description and Assessment.- Assessing dynamic Balance.- Normal Gait.- Overview and Natural history of CP Gait.- Use of Diagnostic Gait Analysis to Guide Treatment.- Using Gait Analysis as an Outcome Assessment.- Managing Hemiplegic Gait.- Diplegic Gait.- Torsional Malignments.- Stance phase - Crouch and Back Kneeing.- Swing Phase - Toe drag.- Gait with Movement Disorders.- Gait in Ataxia.- Complications of Gait Management and Gait Analysis.- Overview of Natural History and Outcome.- Assessment of the Upper Extremity for Diagnostic Assessment.- Assessment of the Upper Extremity for Outcome Evaluation.- Tone Management - Botulinum, Neurectomy, Rhizotomy.- Single Event Multi-level Surgery Approach.- Shoulder.- Elbow.- Forearm and Wrist.- Thumb.- Fingers.- Overview and Natural History.- Non-operative Management of CP scoliosis.- Surgical Planning - Medical Evaluation Pre-op.- Role and Response to Spinal Cord Monitoring.- Anesthesia for CP Spinal Fusion.- Surgical Management of Scoliosis (operative Procedure).- Surgical Management of Kyphosis and Lordosis.- Post-operative Management.- Managing Early Onset Scoliosis in CP.- Managing Complications related to Spinal Fusion.- Cervical Spinal Problems in CP.- Lumbar Spondolethesis.- Ambulatory child CP and Scoliosis.- Scoliosis and Hip dislocation - Management considerations.- Summary Overview.- Etiology and Natural History.- Screening and Surveillance.- Prophalactic Treatment.- Reconstruction of Common Posterior Lateral Displacement.- Reconstruction of the Atypical- Anterior or Inferior Displacement.- Palliative or Salvage Treatment.- Complications of CP hip Management.- Summary of Knee problems.- Patella-femoral instability.- Apophositis and stress fractures.- Rotatory or torsion Instability.- Fixed knee flexion Contracture.- Hyper-extension knee deformity.- Knee extension Contracture and Stiff Knee Gait.- Tibial Torsion and Bowing.- Over view of the FOOT in CP.- Natural History of Foot posture in Children with CP.- Equinus.- Ankle Varus and Valgus.- Planovalgus.- Varus.- Calcaneovalgus.- Hallux.- Claw toes, Over Lap, and Crossing Toes.- Toe Nail Problems.- Complications of Managing Foot Problems.- Over view and history of therapy for CP.- Early Intervention - techniques and outcome.- Habilation therapy - in middle childhood - role and outcome.- Short High Intensity VS Long-term Low frequency.- Rehabilitation Therapy -(Post op) Frequency and Approach.- Role of Therapy in Teenagers to prevent function loss.- Educational Therapy - Technique outcome, how not medical therapy.- Therapy Theories - NDT ECT outcome expectations.- Hydrotherapy.- Strength Training.- Cardiovascular Endurance training.- Hippotherapy.- Robotic training, Suspended Treadmill training.- Over view theories and expectations.- Early intervention expectations and outcome.- UE Habilation techniques - Outcomes.- Constrained use - Enforced use Therapy Techniques and expected outcome.- UE splinting VS use encouragement.- Evaluation for Driver Training and adaptations.- Over view of ST and expect outcome.- Feeding Therapy Indications, techniques, outcome.- Speech therapy, When techniques and expected outcome.- Augmentative communication, When and expected outcome how to evaluate.- Training oral control for Drooling - Techniques and outcome.- Overview of the wide range.- Swimming with Dolphins.- Hyperbaric Oxygen.- Acupuncture.- Pressure suits and vests.- Elastic Space suits.- Votja Technique.- ECT ECT ECT.- Standers - Which, when how long, who and what is the benefit.- Reclining - Side Lyers, wedges, beds - Benefit for who and when.- Gait trainers - Who when how long - Benefit.- Walkers - WHO WHEN how long and what is the benefit.- Crutches, and canes and sticks.- UE - Self feeders - WHO W WH outcome.- General Over view of issues to be considered.- Wheel chair VS stroller - difference and why and when and outcome.- Power Wheel chair - WHEN WHO outcome.- Early power wheeled toy mobility - Benefit outcome.- Consideration of the appropriate WHEEL chair for permanent use.- One arm drive chair for who and when.- General Overview when indicated benefits and risks.- Control Foot posture - Arch supports, UCBL and SMO.- Ankle control.- Knee control options.- Hip control.- UE orthotics.
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Cerebral palsy;Neuromuscular Disorders;Seizures;Psychiatric problems;Comorbidities;Physical therapy;Occupational therapy;Complementary therapies;musculoskeletal system;gait disorders;spasticity;movement disorders;conservative orthopedics