Charting the Next Pandemic

Charting the Next Pandemic

Modeling Infectious Disease Spreading in the Data Science Age

Vespignani, Alessandro; Perra, Nicola; Rossi, Luca; Gioannini, Corrado; Goncalves, Bruno; Samay, Nicole; Gomes, Marcelo F. C.; Pastore y Piontti, Ana

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Part I: How to Model Pandemics.- Infectious Disease Spreading: From Data to Models.- Data, Data, and More Data.- Data Model Integration: The Global Epidemic and Mobility.- From Data to Knowledge: How Models Can Be Used.- The Numerical Forecast of Pandemic Spreading: The Case Study of the 2009 A/H1N1 PDM.- Computational Modeling of "Disease X".
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data science;computational epidemiology;epidemic spreading;data driven modeling;complex systems;epidemic data modeling;modeling disease transmission;containment and mitigation scenarios;computational social sciences;infectious diseases;data-driven science, modeling and theory building