Clinical Cases in Psychiatry: Integrating Translational Neuroscience Approaches

Clinical Cases in Psychiatry: Integrating Translational Neuroscience Approaches

Altamura, Alfredo Carlo; Brambilla, Paolo

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1: Early onset psychosis with adolescent onset Gabriele Panza and Silvia Paletta).- Chapter 2: Deficitary Schizophrenia (Riccardo Paoli and Marika Grottaroli).- Chapter 3: Psychosis In The Elderly (Chiara Rovera and Alessandro Pigoni).- Chapter 4: Psychotic bipolar disorder (Massimiliano Buoli and Alice Caldiroli).- Chapter 5: Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder (Alessio Fiorentini, Laura Cremaschi and Cecilia Prunas).- Chapter 6: Dementia and bipolar spectrum disorders (Valentina Ciappolino and Giulia Orsenigo).- Chapter 7: Cannabis Induced Psychosis (Lucio Oldani and Benedetta Grancini).- Chapter 8: Psychotic disorders due to traumatic brain injury (PD-TBI) (Matteo Lazzaretti, Silvia Grassi and Gianmario Mandolini).- Chapter 9: Perinatal Depression (Marta Serati and Greta Carnevali).- Chapter 10: Depression, dementia and pseudodementia (Sara Pozzoli, Vera De Carloa and Domenico Madonna).- Chapter 11: Catatonia and Cotard's Syndrome (Andrea Botturi and Francesca Bottinelli).- Chapter 12: Generalized anxiety disorder, somatisation and emotional dysregulation (Gianluigi Tacchini and Matteo Vismara).- Chapter 13: Conversion Disorders Across Psychiatry And Neurology (Tiziana Carandini, Andrea Arighi, Elio Scarpini).- Chapter 14: Long acting injection for psychosis (Massimo Mauri and Chiara Di Pace).- Chapter 15: Cognitive Enhancement in The Early Phases Of Psychosis (Elisabetta Caletti).- Chapter 16: The use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) (Bernardo Dell'osso, Beatrice Benatti and Chiara Arici).
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Cannabis;Depression;Case reports;Neuroimaging;Neuropsychology;Cognitive rehabilitation;Psychosis;Bipolar disorder;General anxiety disorder;Psychogeriatry;Adolescence