Cognitive Errors and Diagnostic Mistakes

Cognitive Errors and Diagnostic Mistakes

A Case-Based Guide to Critical Thinking in Medicine

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An introduction to cognitive biases and how they led to errors and impact medical diagnoses Aggregate bias Anchoring Availability Base-rate neglect Commission bias Diagnosis momentum Feedback sanction Framing effect Fundamental attribution error Gambler's fallacy Gender bias Hindsight bias Multiple alternatives bias Omission bias Order effects Outcome bias Overconfidence bias Playing the odds Posterior probability error Premature closure Psych-out error Representativeness restraint Search satisfying Sutton's slip Triage cueing Unpacking principle Vertical line failure Visceral bias Yin Yang Strategies to improve critical thinking and minimize cognitive biases/diagnostic errors
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Cognitive errors;Misdiagnosis;Diagnostic error;Patient safety;Best practices in healthcare;Aggregate bias