Collagenase in Dupuytren Disease

Collagenase in Dupuytren Disease

Hurst, Lawrence C.; Pajardi, Giorgio; Badalamente, Marie A.

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1 Biochemistry and mechanism of action of collagen.- 2 Pre-Clinical evaluation and early clinical trials in USA.- 3 Dupuytren's Disease: topographic anatomy of lesions.- 4 Experimental phase in Europe: protocol and first results.- 5 Preparation, injection and traction procedures (Pearls and Tips & Tricks): technical evolution.- 6 First web space, thumb, and nodules.- 7 Rehabilitation after treatment.- 8 Collagenase today: follow-up studies, recurrence, dosage, drug safety.- 9 American and European Regulations.- 10 Collagenase: future perspectives.
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Dupuytren's contracture,;Enzymatic fasciotomy;Open fasciectomy;Needle aponeurotomy;Lipofilling;Rehabilitation;Recurrence;Treatment indications;Off-label usage;conservative orthopedics