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Pathogenesis, clinical symptoms and therapy of rheumatoid arthritis.- Osteoporosis in rheumatoid arthritis in elderly patients.- Biological therapy of rheumatoid arthritis.- Systemic lupus erythematosus.- Sjoegren's syndrome.- Systemic scleroderma.- Vasculitis.- Polymyalgia rheumatic and giant cell arteritis.- Aortal aneurysm as a lethal complication of giant cell arteritis.- Relapsing polychondritis.- RS3PE - a disease or a syndrome?.- Clinical and laboratory features of paraneoplastic rheumatic syndromes.- Osteoarthritis.- Arthropathy in hemochromatosis.- Diabetic Charcot's neurogenic osteoarthropathy.- Changes of musculoskeletal system in metabolic syndrome.- Clinical symptoms in gouty arthritis.- X-ray and ultrasound picture of chondrocalcinosis.- Alkaptonuria and ochronosis.- Metabolic osteopathy in celiac disease manifested in elderly patients.- Celiac disease in elderly patients.- Bone and joint involvement in celiac disease.- Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis.- Senile osteoporosis.- Nutrition and osteoporosis.- Neck and shoulder pain.- Vertebrogenic diseases.- Pain.- Pharmacotherapy of rheumatic diseases.- Drug-induced rheumatic syndromes.- Rehabilitation in rheumatic diseases.- Surgical treatment of the consequences of rheumatic diseases.- Paget's disease of bone.- Involutional osteoporosis: sarcopenia, frailty syndrome and falls.- Systemic enzyme therapy in complex treatment of degenerative rheumatic diseases in the elderly patients.
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Biological therapy of rheumatoid arthritis;Frailty syndrome;Inflammatory rheumatic disease in the elderly;Involutional osteoporosis;Metabolic and degenerative rheumatic disease in the elderly;Osteoporosis in rheumatoid arthritis;Pharmacotherapy of rheumatic diseases;Rehabilitation in rheumatic disease in the elderly;Rheumatic disease induced by drugs in the elderly