Handbook of Particle Detection and Imaging

Handbook of Particle Detection and Imaging

Buvat, Irene; Titov, Maxim; Grupen, Claus; Fleck, Ivor

Springer International Publishing AG






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Interactions of Particles and Radiation with Matter

Electronics Part I

Electronics Part II

Data Analysis


Particle Identification

Accelerators for Particle Physics

Synchrotron Radiation and FEL Instrumentation

Calibration of Radioactive Sources

Radiation Protection

Gaseous Detectors

Tracking Detectors

Photon Detectors

Neutrino Detectors

Scintillation Counters

Semiconductor Counters

Silicon Photomultiplyers

Gamma-Ray Detectors

Cherenkov Counters

Muon Spectrometers


New Solid State Detectors

Radiation Damage Effects

Astrophysics and Space Instrumentation

Indirect Detection of Cosmic Rays

Gravitational wave detectors

Technology for Border Security

Homeland security

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and its Applications in Archaeology, Geology, and

Environmental Research

Geoscientific Applications of Particle Detection and Imaging Techniques with Special Focus on the Monitoring Clay Mineral Reactions

Particle Detectors Used in Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry, with Applications in Geology, Environmental Science and Nuclear Forensics

Particle Detectors in Materials Science

Spallation - Neutrons Beyond Nuclear Fission

Neutron Detection

Instrumentation for Nuclear Fusion

The Use of Neutron Technology in Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Research

Radiation Detectors and Art

Radiation-Based Medical Imaging Techniques: An Overview

CT Imaging: Basics and New Trends

SPECT Imaging: Basics and New Trends

PET Imaging: Basics and New Trends

Image Reconstruction

multi imaging devices

Motion Compensation in Emission Tomography

Quantitative Image Analysis in Tomography

Compartmental Modeling in Emission


Evaluation and Image Quality in Radiation-Based Medical Imaging

Simulation of Medical Imaging Systems: Emission and Transmission Tomography

High-Resolution and Animal Imaging Instrumentation and Techniques

Imaging Instrumentation and Techniques for Precision Radiotherapy

Tumor Therapy with Ion Beams

Ion Beam profile measurements
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Applications of particle detectors;Image reconstruction;Instumentation for radiation detection;Medical imaging;Particle detection in geology;Reference on particle detection;Detector physics;Imaging in radiotherapy