Handbook of Spine Technology

Handbook of Spine Technology

Cheng, Boyle C.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Cervical Spine Anatomy.- Thoracic Spine Anatomy.- Lumbar Spine Anatomy.- Pathology.- Clinically Diagnosed Spinal Instability.- Adult Onset Deformity.- Oncology.- Trauma with Neurologic Deficiencies.- Cervical Trauma.- Thoracolumbar Trauma.- Clinical Outcomes.- Diagnosis.- Imaging Studies.- Intraoperative Imaging.- Clinical Biomechanics.- Characterizing Fixation Devices.- Bone Implant Interface.- Biomechanics for Patient Diagnosis.- Metrics for Cervical Total Disc Replacements.- Metrics for Lumbar Total Disc Replacements.- Metrics for Posterior Dynamic Stabilization.- Facet Mechanics.- Articulation for Motion Preservation within the Spine.- Cervical Injury Mechanics.- Thoracolumbar Injury Mechanics.- Lesson Learned from Positive Biomechanics and Poor Clinical Outcomes.- Positive Biomechanics, Positive Clinical Outcomes.- Metal Design Materials.- Metal Ion Exposure.- Surface Treatments.- Bone Apposition.- Characterizing Roughness.- Biodegradable Materials.- Polymer Design Materials.- Composite Materials.- Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials.- Bone Substitutes.- Biologics.- Stem Cell Therapies.- Annulus Repair.- Preclinical Studies for Products.- Approved Products in the US.- Approved Products Outside the US.- Fixation Products.- Trauma Products.- Deformity Correction Products.- Cleared Products.- Withdrawn Products.- Motion Preservation Products.- Posterior Dynamic Stabilization.- Failed Products.- Abandoned Products.- Retrieved Implant Analysis.- Radiologic Assessments.- Radiographic Considerations.- Sagittal Balance.- Biomarkers for Deformity.- Patient Positioning.- Minimally Invasive Surgery.- Posterior Approaches to Lumbar Spine.- Lateral Approaches to the Lumbar Spine.- Anterior Approaches to the Lumbar Spine.- Approaches to the Cervical Spine.- Image Guided Surgery.- Robotic Assisted Surgery.
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Spinal interventions and implants;Man-made spine technologies;Clinical outcomes;Imaging studies;Clinical biomechanics;Injury mechanics;Positive biomechanics;Spine Implants;Robotic assisted surgery;Surgical approaches to the lumbar spine;Total disc replacements;Spinal instability;Neurologic deficiencies