Multislice CT

Multislice CT

Nikolaou, Konstantin; Laghi, Andrea; Rubin, Geoffrey D.; Bamberg, Fabian

Springer International Publishing AG






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Techniques.- Multislice CT: Current Technology and Future Developments.- Dynamic Volume CT with 320-Detector Rows: Technology and Clinical Applications.- 3D Imaging with Flat-Detector C-Arm Systems.- Radiation Exposure and Protection in Multislice CT.- Dual-Energy CT-Technical Background.- Radiation Dose in Multislice Cardiac CT.- Radiation Risks Associated with CT Screening Procedures.- Contrast Agent Application and Protocols.- Neuro / Ear-Nose-Throat.- Cerebral Perfusion CT: Technique and Clinical Applications.- MDCT in Neuro-Vascular Imaging.- Anatomy and Pathology of the Temporal Bone.- Pathologies of the Orbit.- Dental CT: Pathologic Findings in the Teeth and Jaws.- Anatomy and Corresponding Oncological Imaging of the Neck.- Cardiovascular Imaging.- Noninvasive Coronary Artery Imaging.- Technical Innovations in Cardiac and Coronary MSCT.- Assessment of Coronary Artery Stents by Coronary CT Angiography.- Acute Chest Pain.- The Role of Cardiac Computed Tomography in Cardiac Surgery.- New Indications for Cardiac CT.- Complementary Role of Cardiac CT and MRI.- Complementary Roles of Coronary CT and Myocardial Perfusion SPECT.- CTA of the Aorta by MDCT.- CTA of the Spinal Arteries.- Lower-Extremity CTA.- Lung.- Interstitial Lung Diseases.- Pneumonia.- CT of the Airways.- Oncology.- Liver Tumors.- MDCT of Pancreatic Tumors.- Imaging of Colorectal Tumors with Multidetector Row CT.- Urogenital Tumors.- PET-CT in Oncology.- PET and PET-CT in Neuroendocrine Tumors.- Role of MDCT in Bone Tumors, Metastases, and Myeloma.- Dual Energy CT: Initial Description of Clinical Applications in the Abdomen.- Intervention.- CT-Guided Biopsy and Drainage.- Vertebroplasty.- CT-Guided Tumor Ablation.- Rotational C-Arm-Based CT in Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology.- Abdominal Intervention with C-Arm CT.- Trauma Imaging / Acute Care.- CT Management of Multisystem Trauma.
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Neurological Imaging;Thoracic Imaging;Abdominal Imaging;Cardiovascular CT;Interventional Radiology;Spectral CT;Dual Energy CT;CT Guided Biopsy;CT Guided Spinal Procedures;Emergency CT;Musculoskeletal CT;Multislice Computed Tomography;Diagnostic Radiology