Pediatric Hydrocephalus

Pediatric Hydrocephalus

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Section 1: History of Hydrocephalus and of its treatment.- Experimental Hydrocephalus: Models and study Methods.- Genetics of hydrocephalus .- Development of the cerebrospinal fluid pathways during embryonic and fetal life in humans.- Anatomy and histology of cerebral and spinal meninges.- The choroid plexus: Structure and functions.- CSF circulation: Tradition and new insights.- CSF hydrodynamics.- Molecular basis of Hydrocephalus.- Biomechanics of Hydrocephalus.- Pathology of Hydrocephalus.- Radiology of Hydrocephalus.- Classification and definition of Hydrocephalus.- Clinic of Hydrocephalus (Symptoms, signs, neuro-ophtalmology).- Section 2: Prenatal Hydrocephalus: prenatal diagnosis.- Prenatal Hydrocephalus: prenatal counseling, treatment, outcome.- Post haemorrhagic hydrocephalus in prematures: Pathophysiology, diagnosis, prevention.- Post haemorrhagic hydrocephalus in prematures: Surgical indications, techniques, complications, outcome.- Post haemorrhagic hydrocephalus in prematures: Endoscopic ventricular lavage.- Hydrocephalus and Myelomeningocele.- Hydrocephalus associated with cerebral malformations.- Section 3: Hydrocephalus in posterior fossa tumors.- Hydrocephalus in suprasellar and basal ganglia tumors.- Hydrocephalus in pineal and tectal tumors.- Hydrocephalus and colloid cysts.- Hydrocephalus and spinal tumors.- Section 4: Post-infectious Hydrocephalus.- Hydrocephalus in developing countries.- Multiloculated Hydrocephalus.- Hydrocephalus and Parasitosis.- Hydrocephalus and Dandy-Walker malformation.- Hydrocephalus and aqueductal stenosis.- Extraventricular intracisternal obstructive hydrocephalus.- Hydrocephalus and arachnoid cysts.- Hydrocephalus in Achondroplasia and venous hypertension.- CSF Hydrodynamics in Craniosynostosis.- Hydrocephalus and Neurofibromatosis.- Hydrocephalus and malformations of Cranio cervical junction.- Hydrocephalus and vein of Galen Malformation.- Post-traumatic Hydrocephalus.- Post tubercular Hydrocephalus.- Section 5: Fetal surgery.- ICP Monitoring: Indications, Techniques, interpretation.- CSF hydrodynamics applied to the CSF shunt design.- Shunt hardware.- CSF shunt insertion: Surgical techniques (VP, VA, LP, pleural, gallbladder).- Mechanical complications in CSF shunts (including subdural hematomas).- CSF shunt infection: Microbiological basis.- CSF shunt infection: Avoidance, Diagnosis and Treatment.- Abdominal complications in shunts.- Slit ventricle syndromes.- Section 6: Endoscopic anatomy.- Third Ventriculostomy.- Third Ventriculostomy and Choroid Plexus Coagulation.- Aqueductoplasty and Aqueductal stenting.- Septostomy and complex procedures.-Third ventriculostomy in shunt malfunction.- Radiological assessment before and after endoscopic third ventriculostomy .- Complications of third ventriculostomy.- Obstruction of third ventriculostomy: Diagnosis and Management.- Section 7: Outcome analysis: Shunt surgery vs Endoscopic surgery.- ETV under 2 years in Triventricular hydrocephalus: A randomized trial.- Long term evaluation and QOL assessment of hydrocephalus outcome.- Growth and puberty in Hydrocephalus.- Hydrocephalus and Epilepsy.- Rehabilitation for hydrocephalic children.- Transitional care in pediatric neurosurgical patients.- Section 8: Benign pericerebral collections in infants.- Syringomyelia in pediatric age.- Benign intracranial Hypertension in children.
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Brain malformation;Cerebrospinal fluid;Endoscopic third ventriculostomy;Neuroendoscopy;Shunts