Perioperative Psychiatry

Perioperative Psychiatry

A Guide to Behavioral Healthcare for the Surgical Patient

Lee, Hochang Benjamin; Oldham, Mark A.; Zimbrean, Paula C.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Introduction.- The role of the psychiatrist in the perioperative setting.- Consenting to surgery: assessing the patient's capacity to make decisions about own medical care.- Delirium.- Management of Psychiatric Medications during Perianesthesia Period.- Psychiatric aspects of perioperative pain.- Perioperative Psychological Interventions.- Psychiatric Aspects of Cardiothoracic Surgery.- Psychiatric aspects of non-cardiac thoracic surgery.- Perioperative Psychiatric Aspects in Neurosurgery.- Perioperative Psychiatric Problems in Organ Transplantation Patients.- Perioperative psychiatric aspects of weight loss surgery.- Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery and Psychiatry.- Psychiatric aspects of Obstetrics and Gynecology patients.- Perioperative Psychiatric Conditions and their Treatment in Children and Adolescents.
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Delirium;Pain management;Consent;Anesthesia;Psychopharmacology