Principles and Practice of Geriatric Surgery

Principles and Practice of Geriatric Surgery

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Section I: Principles.- Principles of Geriatric Surgery.- Defining Quality of Care.- Basic Science of Aging.- Surgery in Centenarians.- Section II: Pre-Operative Assessment and Perioperative Planning.- Patient Centered Surgical Decision.- Anesthesia Evaluation.- Geriatric Syndromes.- Frailty.- Function and Pre-habilitation.- Cognitive Function.- Nutrition.- Polypharmacy.- Cancer in Older Adults.- Diabetes in Older Adults.- Cardiac Disease in Older Adults.- Pulmonary Disease in the Older Adult.- Renal Disease in Older Adults.- Traumatic Injury in Older Adults.- Ethical Issues in Older Adults.- Legal Issues in Older Adults.- Section III: Peri-Operative Care.- Anesthetic Management.- Pain Management.- Post-Operative Delirium.- Models of Care.- Nursing Issues in Older Adult Surgery Patients.- Intensive Care in Older Adult Surgery Patients.- Wound Healing.- Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.- Section IV: Transitions of Care.- Transitioning Care of Discharge.- Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery.- Available Government and Community Resources.- Outcomes of Surgery in Older Adults.- Section V: Specific Specialties.- Neurosurgery.- Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.- Oral Surgery.- Breast Surgery.- Heart Surgery.- Vascular Surgery.- Lung Surgery.- Esophageal Surgery.- Stomach and Duodenal Surgery.- Large Bowel Surgery.- Anal Rectal Surgery.- Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery.- Liver and Biliary Tract Surgery.- Pancreatic Surgery.- Renal Surgery.- Baldder and Prostate Surgery.- Gynecologic Surgery.- Orthopedic Surgery.- Skin and Soft Tissue Surgery.- Transplantation Surgery.
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Geriatric Syndromes;Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery;Transitions of Care;Colorectal Surgery;Minimally Invasive Surgery