Importance of Photosensitivity for Epilepsy

Importance of Photosensitivity for Epilepsy

Kasteleijn-Nolst Trenite, Dorothee

Springer International Publishing AG






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Part I. Has Photosensitivity changed over the years?.- Epidemiology.- Provocative factors.- History and positioning within reflex epilepsies.- PartT II. Does Photosensitivity Matter; Clinical Relevance?.- Correlation EEG and clinic.- Prognosis.- Special syndromes.- Does Photosensitivity exist in focal epilepsy?.- Existence of Photosensitivity in various disease states. Headache, Brain tumor, Depression and Mania, Pain, Alzheimer, Autism, Posttraumatic conditions.- What can we learn from a photosensitive patient?.- PART III. Abnormal Electroencephalographic Response to Photic Stimulation.- How to interpret Photoparoxysmal EEG results? Sleep, NSD etc.- The basics: what constitutes a Photoparoxysmal Response? FMRI, MEG,TMS and PET-studies.- Is Photosensitivity a threshold phenomenon? Gamma-band etc.- What can we learn from photosensitivity in animals? Baboon, dog, cat, rat, mouse, zebrafish.- Is there a difference between kindled and genetically prone photosensitive animals and how relates that to humans?.- Part IV. The PPR: influence of age, sex and ethnicity.- Familiar and genetic differences in outcome.- Ethnical differences.- Gender differences? Hormonal influences.- Age differences? Dravet versus IGE etc.- Part V. How to Approach the Patient with Photosensitivity.- Optimizing the patient's history: a modern approach to age-old life interviews.- Safety of EEG methodology in Photosensitivity.- Maximizing EEG methodology in Photosensitivity: do's and don'ts.- Identification of geographic sites studying photosensitivity.- PART VI. Treatment and Management of Photosensitivity.- Treatment and prevention: when?.- Treatment and prevention: how?.- Seizure control to prevent anxiety for new seizures- psychosocial impact.- Impact of photosensitivity on psychology: are JME with and without PPR different, self-induction etc.- Use of Photosensitivity as trait: a biomarker for genetics.- Creative use of Photosensitivity: studies exploring new AED and other drug development.- How to inform architects and videogame producers about possible risks of certain visual stimuli?.- What the patient and parents/caregivers need to know.- Photosensitivity within the classification systems: past, present and future.- Appendix.
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EEG;migraine;photosensitivity;seizures;video game epilepsy;visual stimuli;psychopharmacology