Breast Surgical Techniques and Interdisciplinary Management

Breast Surgical Techniques and Interdisciplinary Management

Scott-Conner, Carol; Dirbas, Frederick

Springer International Publishing AG





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Professionalism.- Multidisiciplinary Care.- Team Members and Roles.- Hx and CBE: Likely benign vs likely malignant findings.- Documentation and Legal Issues.- Practice Management.- Patient Satisfaction Scoring Systems.- Career Development for Breast Surgery.- Breast Pain.- Gynecomastia.- Nipple Discharge.- Breast Infections.- Breast Mass.- Axillary Mets w/o Primary.- Eval during Preg.- Incorporating the Family History into the Workup.- Hormonal Therapy and Breast Cancer Risk.- Office Based Diagnostic Procedures.- Breast Ultrasound in the Surgeons Office as an Adjunct to the Clinical Exam, Diagnostic Procedures, and Therepeutic Excisions.- Ductoscopy.- Breast Cytology.- Evolving Role of Mammography, US.- Breast MRI.- Focus on Imaging of the Axilla for Pathologic Nodes.- Special Considerations for Breast Imaging following Augmentation or Breast Reconstruction.- Image Guided Breast Biopsy of the Breast and Regional Nodes: FNA vs Core, Marker vs No Marker.- Technical Considerations in Percutaneous biopsy for Metastatic Disease.- Future Possibilities for Functional Imaging of Breast Cancer.- Imaging for Metastatic Disease: Bone scans, CT scans, and PET/CT.- Breast Imaging, Navigating Complex CBE and Multiple Imaging Abnormalities.- Biology of Br CA - Overview.- Benign Histology (including current recs for "borderline lesions", PASH, and radial scar).- Gene Expression Profiling of Breast Cancer.- Subtypes of Triple Negative (ER/PR/Her2) Breast Cancer.- Lessons from Next-Gen Sequencing in Breast Cancer.- Heterogeneity of the Primary Breast Tumor and Metastatic Disease.- Breast Cancer Stem Cells: A Unifying Theory.- How Important is Timing the Initiation of Breast Cancer Care.- Assessing Extent of Disease in Primary Breast Cancer.- Fertility Issues.- AJCC Staging.- Breast Cancer Treatment Guidelines.- Clinical Trial Overview, Cooperative Groups, and the Importance of Clincial Trial Enrollment.- iSPY and iSPY 2: a Novem Mechanism for Clinical Trial Design.- Assessing Patient Distress.- Supportive Care.- Psychiatric and Psychologic Issues, Introducing the Concept of Palliative Care.- Anesthesia Issues.- Incisional, Excisional, and Wire Localized Breast Biopsy.- Lumpectomy.- Is There Emerging Consensus on What Constitutes and Adequate Surgical Margin?.- Intraoperative Techniques for Assessing Tumor-Free Margins.- Oncoplastic Techniques After Lumpectomy.- Ablative Techniques.- Total (Simple) and Modified Radical Mastectomy.- Nipple/areolar preservation.- Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.- Surgical Considerations in the Very Young Breast Cancer Patient: Surgical Considerations During Pregnancy.- When Should Patients Consider Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy Prior to Lumpectomy or Mastectomy?.- Special Surgical Situations: Paget's Disease.- Special Surgical Situations: Male breast cancer.- Special Surgical Situations: Sarcoma.- Working with Tissue Bank.- Lumpectomy or Mastectomy in the Setting of Metastatic Disease.- Sentinel Node Bx - overview and techniques (Radiotracer, Lymphazurin, Methyelene Blue).- Is There a Role for Sentinel Node Biopsy Alone?.- Is Axillary Radiotherapy a Substitute for Completion Axillary Node Dissection?.- Is there a role for Sentinel Node Biopsy after Neoadjuvant Therapy in Patients with Clinical Resolution of Involved Axillary Nodes?.- Surgical Technique for a Level I/II Axillary Node Dissection.- Reverse Axillary Mapping to Avoid Lymphedema.- Components of Breast Path Report.- Path: Risk Markers.- Path: DCIS.- Path: Invasive carcinoma.- Path: Challenges in Consistency for ER/PR/Her2/Ki67 Test Results and implications for Care.- Path: Post neoadjuvant chemotherapy.- Path: Pathology of the Sentinel Node and Axillary Nodes.- Path: Breast Sarcoma.- Basic Principles of Systemic Therapy.- Neoadj Hormonal Tx.- Neoadj Chemo/Targeted Tx.- Conventional Adjuv Chemo Tx.- Targeted Therapies for Her2 positive tumors.- Targeted Therpaies for ER/PR/Her2 negative breast cancer.- Adju Hormon Tx for Endocrine Sensitive Breast Cancer.- Special Situations: Systemic Therapy During Pregnancy.- Special Situations: Breast Cancer in the Elderly.- Alternative Therapies (CAM).- Bisphonphonates as an Adjunct to Breast Cancer Care.- Prin Radiobiology.- APBI Overview.- Brachytherapy Technique.- MammoSite Technique.- 3D Conformal Technique.- Single Fraction Breast IORT.- Breast IORT as the Boost Dose.- Conventional Post Lump WB XRT.- Current Role of Hypofractionated WB-XRT.- What are Appropriate Indications for Post Surgical Regional Nodal Irradiation.- Controversial issues in breast radiotherapy.- Patient Tracking Systems.- Follow up Strategies after Breast Cancer Treatment.- Clinical Breast Exam in Treated Patients.- Diagnostic Workup in Patients with Prior Breast Conservation.- Mgmt Options with Ipsilateral Breast Tumor Recurrence.- Pregnancy After Br Ca.- Measuring Quality of Breast Cancer Care.- Survivorship Issues.- Chronic Pain Issues after Breast Surgery.- Managing Lymphedema.- Mgmt Pts with Metastases.- When Medical Treatment Is Unable to Halt Disease Progression: (Re)introducing Palliative Care and Appropriate Timing for Hospice.
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