Guide to Antibiotics in Urology

Guide to Antibiotics in Urology

Cai, Tommaso; Bjerklund Johansen, Truls E.

Springer International Publishing AG





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Introduction and aim of the book.- Part I Epidemiological and microbiological aspects of urinary tract infections: Principles of bacterial resistance to antibiotics.- Bacterial resistance: what is the epidemiological scenario?.- Collection of urine samples: the microbiologist's point of view.- The antibiogram: from MIC to break-points.- Classification of urinary tract infections in the microbiome era.- Antibiotic stewardship: an urgent need in everyday urological practice.- Part II Treatment of low severity urinary tract infections without risk factors: Uncomplicated cystitis: From empiric treatment to antibiogram based tailored treatment.- Recurrent urinary tract infections in young women.- Pyelonephritis: in- and outpatients .- Part III Treatment of urinary tract infections with risk factors and urosepsis: Management of catheter associated urinary tract infections.- Treatment of urinary tract infections in renal transplant patients .- Management of the urosepsis syndrome.- The treatment of urinary tract infections caused by ESBL and multi-drug resistant bacteria.- Part IV Urethritis and male accessory gland infections: Treatment of gonococcal and non-gonococcal urethritis.- Treatment of acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis.- Treatment of epididymitis and orchitis.- Part V Antibiotic prophylaxis and treatment of infectious complications after urological procedures : Principles of antibiotic prophylaxis in urology: why, when and how.- Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections after endoscopic surgery for urinary stones.- Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections after radical cystectomy, diversion and reservoirs.- Prevention and treatmentof infectious complications after urogenital prosthesis surgery.- Prevention and treatment of infective complications following prostate biopsy.- Part VI Appendix: Antibiotics: pocket tables for everyday use.
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Urological infections;Prostatitis;Infectious complications;Antibiotic stewardship;Escherichia coli;Uropathogens