Neonatal Pain

Neonatal Pain

Suffering, Pain, and Risk of Brain Damage in the Fetus and Newborn


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PART I Delivery and Pain 1 Gonadal Hormones and Pain Modulation 2 Stress and Pregnancy: CRF as Biochemical Marker 3 Pain Control During Labour PART II Fetal Pain 4 Ultrasound and Fetal Stress: Study of the Fetal Blink-Startle Reflex Evoked by Acoustic Stimuli 5 Prenatal Affective Exchanges and Their Subsequent Effects in Postnatal Life 6 Pain in the Fetus 7 New Insights into Prenatal Stress: Immediate and Long-Term Effects on the Fetus and Their Timing PART III Neonatal Pain 8 Pain Assessment and Spectral Analysis of Neonatal Crying 9 Analgesic Procedures in Newborns 10 Nonpharmacological Treatment of Neonatal Pain 11 Sensory Saturation: An Analgesic Method 12 Pharmacologic Analgesia in the Newborn 13 Physical Stress Risk Agents in Incubators 14 Fetal surgery analgesia PART IV Pain: a Risk Factor for Brain Damage 15 Neonatal Stressors 16 New Insights into Neonatal Hypersensitivity 17 From the Gate-Control Theory to Brain Programs for Neonatal Pain PART V Pain and Communication 18 Disclosure of Pathology to the Newborn's Family 19 Communication of Diagnosis: Pain and Grief in the Experience of Parents of Children with a Congenital Malformation 20 Invest in Prenatal Life: A High-Yield Stock
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perinatal care;fetal stress;prenatal stress;fetal pain;suffering;psychopharmacology