New Concepts in ECG Interpretation

New Concepts in ECG Interpretation

Capucci, Alessandro

Springer International Publishing AG






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1 The P wave and PR study: how they may help during sinus rhythm in defining pathology.- 2 Forseeing future arrhythmic events.- 3 Interpreting correctly some clinical findings ( syncope etc).- 4 Evaluation during Tachycardias : where to choose and how may be a diagnostic great help.- 5 The value of PR , blocked P waves in interpreting supra or subhisian site of blocks.- 6 QRS analysis in the diagnosis of aberrant conduction: new insights.- 7 QRS analysis during sinus rhythm for clinical practice purposes.- 8 Ecg interpretation of the supraventricular arrhythmias diagnosis.- 9 The repolarization patterns mimicking acute ischemia and uncorrectly leading to hospitalization, coronaroarteriography and faulse diagnosis of ischemic heart disease.- 10 Pitfalls and errors in the monitorings systems: how is the most correct interpretation.- 11 Some critical traces coming from normal pts 10) Some critical traces coming from non cardiological pts.- 12 Final considerations.

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Wave;Intrinsecoid Deflection;Pseudo Ischemia;Aberrant Conduction;Arrhythmias