Opioid Dependence

Opioid Dependence

A Clinical and Epidemiologic Approach

McAnally, Heath B.

Springer International Publishing AG






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An Epidemiologic Perspective.- Understanding the Agent, Part I: Opioid Biology and Basic Pharmacology.- Understanding the Agent, Part II: Adverse Effects.- Understanding the Agent, Part III: Specific Drugs.- Attenuating the Agent: Reducing Opioid "Virulence".- Best Practices Education, Part I: Pain Physiology, Psychology, and Alternatives to Opioids .- Best Practices Education, Part II : Evidence for and against Opioid Therapy.- Best Practices Education, Part III: Regulatory and Advisory Issues Related to Opioid Therapy for Pain.- Addressing Host Factors: Overview of Dependence and Addiction.- Opioid Dependence Risk Factors and Risk Assessment.- Addressing Host Factors: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention of Opioid Dependence.- Conclusion.
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Opioid;Dependence;Abuse;Addiction;Risk management