Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Metabolic Homeostasis, Diabetes and Obesity

Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Metabolic Homeostasis, Diabetes and Obesity

Mauvais-Jarvis, Franck

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Introduction to sex and gender factors affecting metabolic homeostasis, diabetes and obesity.- Part I. Sex differences in diabetes and obesity.- Epidemiology of sex differences in diabetes and obesity.- Sex differences in body composition.- Cellular Mechanisms driving sex differences in adipose tissue biology and body shape in humans and mouse models.- Men are from Mars and women are from Venus: Sex differences in insulin action and secretion.- The role of sex and sex hormones in regulating obesity-induced inflammation.- Sex differences in leptin regulation of cardiovascular function in health and metabolic diseases.- Sex effects at the ramparts: Nutrient- and microbe-mediated regulation of the immune-metabolic interface.- Sexual dimorphism of estrogen action in mouse liver.- Sex differences in muscle wasting.- Origins and functions of the ventrolateral VMH - An organized neuronal cluster orchestrating sex differences in metabolism and behavior. Holly Ingraham, William Krause.- Part II. Role of estrogens in metabolic homeostasis.- Menopause, estrogens and glucose homeostasis in women.- Role of estrogens in the regulation of liver lipid metabolism.- The role of skeletal muscle estrogen receptors in metabolic homeostasis and insulin sensitivity.- Estrogens and body weight regulation in men.- Estradiol regulation of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis.- Brain estrogens and feeding behavior.- Sex differences and role of estradiol in hypoglycemia-associated counter-regulation.-The role of estrogens in pancreatic islet physiopathology.- Nuclear and membrane actions of estrogen receptor-?: contribution to the regulation of energy and glucose homeostasis.- G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) and sex-specific metabolic homeostasis.- Gender-dependent role of steroid sulfatase and estrogen sulfotransferase in metabolic homeostasis.- Part III. Impact of of androgens in metabolic homeostasis and disease.- Negative impact of testosterone deficiency and 5?-reductase inhibitors therapy on metabolic and sexual dysfunction in men.- Testosterone therapy and glucose homeostasis in men with testosterone deficiency (Hypogonadism).- Sex differences in androgen regulation of metabolism in nonhuman primates.- Prenatal Testosterone programming of insulin resistance in the female sheep.- The role of androgen excess in metabolic dysfunction in women.- Part IV. Transgender biology and metabolism.- Sex, gender, and transgender: Metabolic impact of cross hormone therapy.
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sex differences;metabolism;adipose tissue;estrogen;androgen;gender medicine;andrology