Suicide Among Diverse Youth

Suicide Among Diverse Youth

A Case-Based Guidebook

Sharma, Neha; Pumariega, Andres J

Springer International Publishing AG






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Preface.- Foreword.- 1. Cultural Aspects of Suicidality Among Youth.- 2. Culturally Informed Treatment of Suicidality with Diverse Youth: General Principles.- 3. Suicide Among African-American and Other African-Origin Youth.- 4. Suicide Among American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Youth: An Unrealized Future.- 5. Suicide Among Latino Youth.- 6. Suicide Among South Asian Youth in America.- 7. Suicide Among South East Asian Youth.- 8. Suicide Among East Asian Youth.- 9. Suicide Among Turkish American Youth.- 10. Suicide Among Youth of Middle Eastern Origin.- 11. Suicide Among Eastern European Immigrant Youth.- 12. Suicide Among Youth of Soviet Jewish Origin.- 13. Suicide and Self-Harm Among Sexual and Gender Minority Youth: Resilience, Coping, and Despair.- 14. Family and Community Intervention in Suicide Prevention and Management.
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Adolescent;Diversity;Suicide;Mental Health;Chidren;youth;Assessment;Treatment;Culture