Clinical Child Neurology

Clinical Child Neurology

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Approach to status epilepticus.- Clinical features and management of childhood epileptic syndromes.- The genetics of childhood epilepsy: A clinical approach.- Management of neonatal and infantile seizures.- Management of refractory childhood epilepsy and epilepsy surgery.- New treatments for childhood epilepsy.- Neurodevelopment and social impact of childhood epilepsy.- Diseases of the lower motor unit.- Standards of care for childhood neuromuscular disorders.- Neuroinfections in childhood.- Neurological aspects of neglected tropical diseases.- Childhood neuroinflammatory disorders.- Childhood neurodegenerative disorders (ataxias and hereditary spastic paraplegia).- Movement disorders in childhood.- Childhood neuro-ophthalmic disorders.- Traumatic brain injury and disorders of intracranial pressure in children.- Cerebrovascular disease in children.- Tumors of the brain and spine, and paraneoplastic disorders in childhood.- Pain management, palliative care and ethical issues in child neurology.
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DNA Technology;Evidence-based;Neurogenetic Diagnotic;Neurological Disorders;tropical diseases