Pediatric Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures

Pediatric Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures

A Treatment Guide

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Introduction and Overview I Diagnostic Evaluation Overview The underlying psychopathology, triggers, and risk factors Gold standard diagnosis Why is it difficult to diagnose pediatric PNES? Red flags during the clinical exam Techniques for the child diagnostic interview Strategies to use in the Initial parent interview II Diagnostic Feedback and Treatment Plan Introduction: The importance of the feedback How to present feedback and treatment plan to the parents Approaches to use in the child feedback and description of the treatment plan Combined parent and child feedback and treatment plan III Short-term Treatment Psychoeducation about PNES: Child, parents, treatment team, teachers How to develop rapport with the child and parents Strategies for NES symptom resolution through individual child therapy and work with the parents Child reintegration to school and regular life routines Treatment of comorbid psychopathology IV Long-term Therapy Introduction Goals for child therapy Goals for work with the parents V Cognitive Behavior Therapy Indications Application of CBT in anxiety and depression Essential CBT elements that enhance child goals Application of CBT to enhance parent goals VI Appendix
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Diagnostics;Psychoeducation;Long- and short-term treatment;Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT);School reintegration