Innovation and Evolution of Medical Devices

Innovation and Evolution of Medical Devices

Vaginal Mesh Kits

Shobeiri, S. Abbas

Springer International Publishing AG






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Introduction: Why a Case Study of Vaginal Mesh Kits?.- Innovation of Medical Devices.- Business Aspects of Vaginal Mesh Kits: Lessons Learned.- Medical-Legal Aspects of Transvaginal Mesh Kit Complications: A Historical Perspective and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Review Process.- Medical Device Marketing and the Ethics of Vaginal Mesh Kit Marketing.- Medical Devide Innovation and Errors: The Patient Perspective.- Pelvic Floor Anatomy as it Relates to the Design and Development of Vaginal Mesh Kits.- Basic Science of Vaginal Mesh.- Vaginal Mesh for Prolapse: An Epidemiologic and Historical Perspective.- Innovations Breed Innovations: How Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Filled the Diagnostic Gap for Vaginal Mesh Kid Complications.- Surgical Considerations for Vaginal Mesh Complications.- Complications of Transobturator Synthetic Slings.- Vaginal Mesh and Pain Complications.- Outcomes of Vaginal Mesh Surgeries.
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Endovaginal imaging;mesh implants;transobturator synthetic slings;Intraoperative ultrasonography;mesh complications