Interpretation of Basic and Advanced Urodynamics

Interpretation of Basic and Advanced Urodynamics

Firoozi, Farzeen

Springer International Publishing AG






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1: Equipment, Setup, and Troubleshooting for Basic and Advanced Urodynamics

Karyn S. Eilber, Tom Feng, and Jennifer Tash Anger

2: Terminology/Standard Interpretative Format for Basic and Advanced Urodynamics

Drew A. Freilich and Eric S. Rovner

3: Overactive Bladder: Non-Neurogenic

Marisa M. Clifton and Howard B. Goldman

4: Overactive Bladder: Neurogenic

Alana M. Murphy and Patrick J. Shenot

5: Female Stress Urinary Incontinence

Nitin Sharma, Elizabeth Kavaler, and Farzeen Firoozi

6: Male Stress Urinary Incontinence

Ricardo Palmerola and Farzeen Firoozi

7: Bladder Outlet Obstruction: Male Non-Neurogenic

Christopher Hartman and David Y. Chan

8: Bladder Outlet Obstruction: Female Non-Neurogenic

William D. Ulmer and Elise J.B. De

9: Neurogenic Bladder Obstruction

Seth A. Cohen and Shlomo Raz

10: Iatrogenic Female Bladder Outlet Obstruction

Sandip Vasavada

11: Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Courtenay K. Moore

12: Augmented Lower Urinary Tract

Shilo Rosenberg and David A. Ginsberg

13: Adolescent/Early Adult Former Pediatric Neurogenic Patients: Special Considerations

Benjamin Abelson and Hadley M. Wood

14: Lower Urinary Tract Anomalies

Michael Ingber

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Bladder Outlet Obstruction;Overactive Bladder;Pelvic Organ Prolapse;Urinary Diversion;Lower Urinary Tract